Meet the team

In 2017 GilaMonster printing was formally created to handle the printing needs of several marketing agencies. Over time we have grown to focus not only on our original agency specialty printing market but also the greater business and retail printing needs. Meet the team that makes it all happen! 



Our Staff

We’re a pretty eclectic bunch! 


VP, VIP, and head of Business Development.

You could say she’s a woman of many hats, but her shoe collection is way more fierce!


Director of Gila, overseer of stuff.

 Will enjoys Black Rock coffee, growling, and when the planets align.


Handles daily operations…if you call the office, email the website, place an order, need assistance with anything…you’re talking to her.


Sr. Art Director extraordinaire. This guy lives by the song lyric…”if it feels good, do it!”

He’s the one making sure your bleeds are correct and your files are saved out properly.


Loves books of any kind, social media, and keeping the team in check! 

She’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and takes bribes to keep it that way. 


Our resident bookkeeper.

Lives by the motto “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So put that item in your cart and make that purchase!